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Plumber St Leonards Services

Plumber St Leonards Blocked Drains

She was almost prepared for the meeting. Hannah stared at her reflection in the mirror, going over her speech again. She almost had it down, so there was no way she’d embarrass her company…

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Blocked Drains

Plumber St Leonards Hot Water

Jennie walked into the office looking a little panicked. Ellyn sat her down and asked what was wrong. “We need a Plumber!” Jennie replied, “There’s water everywhere!” Ellyn followed her out to the kitchen, which backed onto their storage room…

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Hot Water

Plumber St Leonards Emergency Plumbing

William wasn’t imagining it. He thought he had smelled gas this morning, cooking breakfast, but Liz, his girlfriend, told him he was imagining things. Standing in the kitchen, he could definitely smell gas…

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Emergency Plumbing

Fact’s About St.Leonards

Plumber St Leonards Fact

Established in 1853, the suburb of St Leonards is situated 5km north west of Sydney’s CBD. The main offices of many large companies such as IBM and the Channel 31 TV studio are located in St Leonards. In 2007, St Leonards also became home to the Australian Rugby Union. With the Northern Suburbs Rugby Club also situated in St Leonards, the area is synonymous with rugby.

Of particular interest to visitors and residents alike is The Forum, constructed over St Leonards railway station. It currently houses 782 apartments, a Coles supermarket and a wide range of food and retail outlets.

St Leonards is also home to a campus of the University of Technology, Sydney and the campus of Northern Sydney TAFE.

In an established suburb like St Leonards with a plethora of residential and commercial buildings, a range of plumbing problems are likely to arise. If you suspect your home or office is at threat of a water leak or another plumbing related issue, don’t hesitate to call on the services of a qualified and licensed plumber at Plumber St Leonards immediately!

Look no further than Plumber St Leonards for plumbing services that are affordable, reliable, professional and friendly. Call us today on 0402 290 290. If you book a job online with us, you can save yourself $25! It’s Plumber St Leonard’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to our customers.

Our Plumber St Leonards can deliver the following services:

We can clean, reline, repair or replace your sewer system
We can overhaul or replace your hot water heater systems
We can fix, replace or update your old tapware
We can repair or replace toilets that are faulty or have seen better days
We offer a wide range of gas services
We can repair or reline leaky or defective pipework
We can install and repair rainwater tanks

Here are seven valid reasons why you should call Plumber St Leonards right now:


PROFESSIONALISM IS IMPORTANT TO US: Our tradesmen are neatly attired, they will treat your property with respect, ensuring no mess is left behind, and are always courteous, friendly and happy to assist, no matter how big or small your plumbing issue is. We pride ourselves in having a professional attitude in everything we do


WE VALUE INTEGRITY: Our prices are transparent – there is absolutely no need to worry about any hidden charges when it comes to our costings


100% QUALITY SERVICE GUARANTEED – EVERY TIME: Our work is fully guaranteed and our plumbers strive for complete customer satisfaction with every job they undertake


EMERGENCY SERVICES AROUND THE CLOCK: Plumber St Leonards is open for business 24 hours a day, every single day of the year! When a plumbing disaster strikes, we are ready to come to your rescue


SERVICES THAT WON’T BREAK THE BANK: Not only are our costs affordable, we will check all your plumbing at no extra charge while we’re at your place to ensure your whole plumbing system is working as it should for peace of mind


ON TIME AND READY TO GO: Our plumbers are reliable and on time and our vans are fully equipped with everything our plumbers need to get the job done


COMMITTED PROFESSIONALS: Our plumbers at Plumber St Leonards are highly experienced technicians who take pride in the work. You can rest assured that the work that we do is of an exceptional standard

What our customer says

Plumber St Leonards saved the Stevens family from wasting a lot of water… and their sanity!

The Stevens were weary after a long, sleepless night. This was thanks to a noisy, running toilet and getting up repeatedly to try and rectify the problem by jiggling the internal chain and float of the pump and tapping the side of the toilet tank repeatedly, but to no avail. Not wanting to waste any more water or hear the annoying sound of the running toilet any longer, Mr and Mrs Stevens called their local and reputable plumbing company, Plumber St Leonard for help. The plumber Mrs Stevens chatted with assured her that he would be over in a jiffy and that he would be able to address the issue, regardless of the cause. He asked Mrs Stevens how old the toilet was. She estimated it was at least a few decades old and was told that old, worn out toilets are often the cause of a toilet that won’t stop running.
Indeed, the plumber arrived quickly. On close inspection of the plumbing of the toilet, it was as the plumber had suspected – many of the parts needed replacing and given that the toilet was far from modern and in the long run, he believed the Stevens would be much better off replacing the toilet altogether. They agreed so the plumber left the property to source a suitable toilet for the couple, returning to the house surprisingly quickly. The lovely new toilet was installed in no time and the plumber removed the old toilet and thoroughly tidied up the mess from the replacement before leaving the property. Mr and Mrs Stevens were highly impressed by the plumber’s professionalism, the speed of his work and how affordable toilet replacement service was. They told the plumber that they would most definitely be calling on the help of Plumber St Leonards in the future!

For absolutely any plumbing work you need, call Plumber St Leonards today for top notch plumbing services on 0402 290 290! We’ll take care of you.

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