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How to Prevent Hair Clogged Drains

Plumber St LeonardsHair clogging up bath and shower drains is a real problem that many of us face every day.


Here follows a few easy and inexpensive tips on how to prevent hair clogged drains.


First we will discuss the easiest solution. Brush your hair before going into the bath or shower. This will remove most of the loose strands. Collect any additional loose strands while shampooing and conditioning your hair and place them on the side of the tub or shower to prevent them going down the drain. Throw the hair away afterwards.


Clean the strainer or stopper covering the drain regularly. A lot of hair will collect around the strainer, clean it out before the hair enters the drain.


There is a lot of inexpensive drain covers designed to catch hair available at your local supermarkets. These products will be in the same aisle as the toilet brushes, soap dishes and other bathroom accessories. These products range from a simple plastic or metal mesh to more advanced products like the Drain wig, which is a plastic cover with a dangling chain that collects hair. All these products are relatively inexpensive, so try them out until you find the one that works best for you. A metal strainer with very fine mesh is suggested for people with finer hair.


If you already have a clogged drain there is a variety of over the counter products or simple household items you can use to unclog it. A simple home remedy to use is baking soda and vinegar. Start by pouring hot water into the drain followed by a serving of baking powder. Let it settle for a few minutes and then pour a solution of half hot water and half white vinegar into the drain. After about ten minutes, wash it down with boiling water. This homemade solution clears moderate blockages and is environmentally friendly compared to most over the counter products.