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Tips And Tricks For All Your Plumbing Needs

It is essential that that you have basic plumbing tips to enable you deal with your homes basic plumbing needs. Pipe unblocking tips are the most essential plumbing tips that you need to equip your self with as pipe blockages are the most common plumbing problems in a home.
Some essential plumbing tools that you require
1. A plunger.
2. Rubber gloves.
3. Wire coat hanger.
4. a jug.
5. a bucket
6. a flexible cleaning tool.
Blockages basic tips
Most blockages are caused by something with an unusual shape and something big in size getting to the toilet pipes .Its not advisable to keep pouring water in blocked drains as this causes an overflow which can get into your house floor and become quite messy.Place newspapers on the floor around the blocked drains. This are meant to help you in case of a spillage. Its also advisable to wear gloves as the unblocking work is a bit messy. Place the plunger in the sink or the blocked pipe hole an push it down and pull it up to create a suction in the plunger which creates pressure in the toilet pipes an you will hear sounds in the pipes as you do the plunging. Do the plunging as many times as possible and when the toilet its unblocked you will hear a loud sound of the blocked water moving ant this is when you will know that the blocked pipe is unblocked after the unblocking wash and disinfect the plunger and the unblocked pipe.
Using the coat hunger method to unblock.
This is done when the plunger has not been able to unblock .The wire is first unraveled and then put in the pipes through the open end of the pipe hole and moved in a circular motion. After finishing the unblocking work always disinfect your tools.