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Get your Electric Hot Water Heater fixed easily

Electric water heaters are considered to be one of the most dependable and reliable appliances in the houses. If one fine day we wake up and realize that the water heater has stopped working then we start panicking. The problems and issues with the water heater can be many. It might stop producing hot water or the temperature of the water can be inadequate. The storage tank or the connection of the pipe can turn out to be leaky. The color of the water can turn to be rusty or you can experience a foul odor from the water. One might also hear a weird noise coming out of the electrical appliance. All the above problems can arise from the electrical heater.


The following can be considered as an electric hot water heater troubleshooting guide :


· The most important thing before trying to repair a water heater is to shut off the main power switch. The electric heater has two heating elements- the lower and the upper. If there is no hot water then either or both of the heating elements is faulty. It is time to replace them after testing both. An electronic multi-tester or multi-meter is utilized to test both the heating elements in the appliance.


· If there is inadequate hot water then what you do is switch of the connection of the water supply to the water heater. If there is still inadequate water then there is a cross connection somewhere. One must check for leaks across the water heater. You might have to replace the water heating elements, like the thermostat cover or the cover panel, if necessary.


· If the color of the water turns out to be rusty then you might have to replace the anode rod with a much better magnesium rod in order to prevent the rusting which has taken place inside the heater.