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How to Access and Fix a Faulty Heating Element

If your water heater is not heating water the most common cause is a faulty heating element. You can easily repair a faulty heating element and save money as well as time.

Tools needed.

1. A heating element (it can be purchased at any hardware store).

2. A flat head screw driver.

3. A pair of pliers.

4. Ohm/Voltmeter

Step one: To Identify the faulty heating element, first switch of the power supply to the heater. Then remove the access covers to the elements individually. The access covers to the heating elements are located at the side of the tank one on top and the other one on the bottom.

Step two: After removing the element’s access cover remove the insulation behind them by cutting it at the factory. This should expose the elements.

Step three: Put your volt meter on ohms and puts it both contacts on the elements ends if it does not record any reading the element is faulty if it does the element is working properly just proceed to the next element as most water heaters have both top and bottom elements.

Step four: When you’ve determined the bad element remove it both ends from where they are attached this may be done using a pair of pliers. Some elements may require you turn them in an anticlockwise direction so as to remove them.

Step five: Take the new element put it ends where the olds elements ends were attached. Use a pair of pliers if required and turn it in a clockwise direction to tighten it.

Step six: Replace both the insulation cover and the elements access cover make sure you tighten the screws of the access cover while replacing it

Step seven: Make sure the tank is full before turning on the electrical supply to the heater otherwise you will burn the new element .After the tank is full turn on the electrical supply to the heater after which you can now use the water heater.