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Tips to Install a Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters are preferred as compared to their electric counterparts because they have a cheap operational cost. Installing gas water heaters is an easy thing that you can do by yourself. All what gas water heaters require is a gas supply, a cold water supply, and a flue connection that carries away the waste gases. It is worth noting that gas water heaters emit carbon monoxide which is a harmful gas when inhaled, it is therefore important that you ensure that your house has adequate ventilation before installing the gas water heater.


Stepwise instructions on how to remove an old gas water heater and install a new one.


1. Drain the tank-Turn off both the gas and water supply, and then attach a hose pipe to the outlet of the tank in order to empty the tank. Turn on the hot water faucet to enable air to flow to the system


2. Disconnect both the gas and water lines-Using adjustable wrenches disconnect the gas line at the union fitting that is for a galvanized pipe, if the pipe is copper then disconnect at the point with a flare fitting .Then disconnect water pipes at the top of tank tank. If the piping is soldered use a hacksaw if otherwise use a pair of adjustable wrench.


3. Detach the gas exhaust from the flue hat-This is done by unscrewing the screws connecting the vent to the water heater using a screw driver. Then remove the existing water heater, While removing the water heater you may require help as old water heaters are usually heavy due to build up of sediment in them.


4.Install the other water heater in place in place-Do this ensuring that the water heater has adequate space around it and ensuring there is unobstructed access to the heaters knobs. Reconnect the flue hat to the gas exhaust vent.


5. Install the heaters trap fittings-These fittings are directional, follow the arrows on them to install them and tighten them using the adjustable wrenches.


6. Install the water supply-Measure the length of water pipe required .Then connect the pipes and tighten using a pair of adjustable wrenches.


7. Reconnect the gas supply-Before connecting the gas supply clean all the threads using a wire brush and rag. Before assembling and tightening the pipes apply the piping compound to the pipes thread. The union fitting should be installed last .When through open the gas supply valve and also turn the water on.

8. Turn the heaters control knob on- after doing this you should hear the burner ignite. Then set the knob to118 to 123 degrees Fahrenheit whichever suits you. You can know use your gas water heater.