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Pipe Relining

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The sewage system is an important part of households and other properties because it serves as the main way of disposing wastewater. This system is made up of many pipes connected together that are hidden underground. Many types of pipes can be used for a sewage system including ceramic or earthenware, steel, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), galvanized iron, HDPE, copper, and more.

The aforementioned pipes are efficient but over time, through wear and tear, they are likely to get cracks which attract tree roots. Tree root invasion can cause problems in the sewage system, with the common signs of pipe damage being gurgling sounds, emission of foul smells and backflow of water from sinks, toilets etc.

What is the best pipe repair method?

Pipe relining is a relatively new method of repairing pipes performed by fitting a liner to the existing and broken pipes. Through this process, homeowners can avoid the hassles of excavating the old pipes. Due to the convenience it brings, many Australian homeowners are starting to favour pipe relining over other sewage repair options.

Why you should choose pipe relining

The old broken pipes can be repaired with little to no excavation at all. Since there is not much work involved, the total cost of the project will be considerably cheaper than traditional methods. Pipe relining is ideal for pipes with diameters as narrow as 40 mm to as long as 600 mm and can also run for 40-50 metres of pipe.

How is pipe relining done?

The cure-in-place inversion method of pipe repair entails different steps. Here are the steps we take to ensure that we resolve your sewage issues properly:

Partial Cleaning. The pipes will be partially cleaned using a high pressure water jetter to remove debris in the pipes.

Video inspection. Next, a video inspection will be conducted to assess the pipe damage. You will be allowed to view the video footage to identify the cause of pipe damage or sewer clogs.

Thorough sewage pipe cleaning. If it is confirmed that pipe relining is suitable for you, thorough sewage pipe cleaning is done before a cloth tube or pipe liner is inserted.

Pipe lining insertion. The pipe liner will be inserted and expanded with the use of an inflating device so that the fibreglass or cloth attaches securely to the old damaged pipe.

Curing. The resin will be given some time to cure so it can bond well with the old pipe. Steam or hot air will be used to accelerate the curing process.

Final Video Inspection. Once the resin has set, a final video inspection is done to ensure that it has settled properly and any initial issues have been resolved.

What are the benefits of pipe relining?

Pipe relining is becoming more and more popular among households because of the advantages that it offers such as:

  • Less hassle compared to traditional methods. There is no need to uproot trees and plants, thereby giving you the relief of keeping your landscape looking good.
  • It is less costly because the work involved is not as lengthy as traditional methods.
  • It is also less time-consuming as the whole process can be done in just a matter of few hours.
  • The resin provides more protection to the pipes which lessens problems that root intrusion creates.
  • The material is sturdy enough to last for as long as 50 years. As a result, we give our clients a 50 year warranty for our services.

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